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Nowadays, most people suffer from stress lifestyle with overexertion, many face emotional use of stimulants have well known deleterious side effects. Many suffer from sexual impotence and premature ejecta and go for chemical drugs with their dangerous side effects and complications. Herbs have miraculous abilities. Our research and development team has developed ROYAL HONEY for HIM. This honey blend is a vast energy for proper body build up and is the miracle in treatment of sexual impotence and sterility.

Vital honey blended with the extracts of:

Tongkat Ali roots:
We choose roots of more than 10years age to obtain a better concentrate. These roots penetrate deep into the soil for better nourishment. We employ the most recent techniques of differential solubility extraction and high performance liquid chromatography. Root extracts work rapidly by increasing the cyclic guanosine monophoshate level of penile corpus cavermosum but not the cyclic adenosine monophoshate level. This implies that Tongkat Ali specifically mediate nitric oxide cyclic GMP with increase in penile erection and strength without the side effects of unifunctional chemical drugs. Tongkat Ali roots are exceptionally potent in raising free testosterone and its active derivative to enhance the hypothalamus-pituitary-testis axis function. Thus our product provides the sexual desire via the central nervous system stimulation with increased sensitivity. Increased testosterone level will eventually lower prolactin levels with the preponderance of dopamine and its effects in enhancing sexual desire. Tongkat Ali promotes and support anabalic reaction by increasing basal metabolic rate with improvement in adrenal function and testosterone level, hence promoting body build up especially of bone and muscle.

Panax ginseng root:

Panax is derived from the Greek word “Panacea” which means healing. The roots are full of therapeutic and nutritlous functions for healing and increased energy level. It is the most trusted ancient herbal energizer that has been used to treat lack of libido and fatigue. The active ingredients are ginsenosides. We used the extracts containing 8%. Ginsenosides support endurance and enhance activity.

Bee larva:

Queen larva has great deal in nutrition. It is rich in vital nutritients for tissue build up i.e. proteins, amino acids specially the essential ones, vitamins A, B complex, C, D & E in addition of a surplus natural supply of phosphorus, iron, zinc & selenium. Phosphorus to build up bones & for many metabolic enzymatic functions. Iron for hemoglobin synthesis. Zinc improves the sense of taste. Zinc & selenium for improved sexual activity. Bee larva main functions are to strenghten body, improve nutrient function, retard ageing process, build up Immunity, lower chotesteron, stimulate myocardium & accelerate blood circulation. Beneficial vitamins A, C & E are natural anti oxidants. The more of these vitamins you have, the less is the build up of arterial plagues.


This vital energetic nutrient collected from quality-controlled hives is our revered honey. It contains about 40% fructose, 26% glucose, 4,5% maltose and 1,5% sucrose. Such pure honey is recommended as a sugar substitute, specially because of its high content of quickly assimilated fructose. Fructose (40%) is a quick source of energy and does not need insulin to function. Our honey is a dietary antioxidant specially against oxidation of bad LDL cholesterol and fat. It is a nutraceutical with antimicrobial activity.

Natural remedy from green paradise of Malaysia.

It will help women to look excellent.

It kindles sexual desire, increases sexual passion and fills with life energy. Yes, my mistress!

The supreme creator blessed with the maintenance of a herb and honey and presented them that we enjoyed pleasures of life, when we want.

We supply extensive and modern information on herbs growing in different parts of the world, also we tell about their wonderful ability to treat without side effects and to dissolve chemical preparations.

Sweet combination of 100% of pure honey, royal jelly, powder from larval bees, pollen and mix of rainforests herbs (a known Fatimah herb). This unique combination of honey for women, rich with a protein, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and enzymes which activate metabolism, and also enzymes which promote digestion.

This sweet honey is very useful as it is the fast power source stimulating absorption of nutrients and strengthens the metabolism, forming living tissues that slows down aging process.

We also added to honey a royal jelly, powder from larval bees and pollen to help to provide this vital force with amino acids, vitamins, and especially - antioxidants.

Many girls and women in Malaysia use a known herbal extract Kacip Fatimah to strengthen female health, and also to restore vital force after a delivery.

The herb of these rainforests has attributes of female hormones (estrogens). Thus the herb makes the organization of receptors of these hormones in cells which strengthen female health and build up tissues, full of lives, than interfere with age appearance of wrinkles of skin and reduce breast sagging. Most of women know that Fatimah herb reduces menstrual pains thanks to weakening of cramps, and also is used for strengthening of uterine muscles after the delivery.

To have a good female health and to be full of vital forces, to have pleasant skin without freckles or points, take one tablespoon (or package contents) twice a day.

Honey "Etumax" doesn't contain preservatives, artificial dyes and flavorants. Licensing of production and sales was carried out by many countries with issue of certificates of quality.

Our products are used now by many beauty shops in Southeast Asia and in the Arab countries.

• Enhances sexual desire
• Strengthens female health
• Increases blood flow to a vagina and a clitoris that gives them sensitivity
• Reduces symptoms of a menstrual cycle
• Improves feelings during an orgasm
• Reduces cramps and enhances sexual activity in menopausal women
• Stimulates tissues build up and raises hemoglobin
• Reduces breast sagging and raises them
• For soft skin without wrinkles and spots
• Increases energy level

Stop doubting their sexual opportunities


Why it works

Absolutely natural and safe structure

Our team has developed a «Royal Honey» – absolutely natural and safe product that does not contain chemical components and makes the quality of life of the modern man is much more productive. «Royal Honey» in its composition contains extracts of tongkat ali root, ginseng, royal jelly and, of course, specially selected med.Product enriched nutritional biomolecules of proteins, essential amino acids, vitamins and antioxidants. The composition also contains enzymes and enzymes that contribute to the speedy absorption of nutrients, so that the effect of the application begins immediately.

Operating principle

Just drink composition 1 sachet “Royal Honey”, if desired, with water, tea or juice. Desired effect after 2-3 hours and lasts for 2-3 days. A powerful vitamin complex is an incredible source of energy, improves sexual activity, prolong sexual intercourse, increases the desire and the intimate feeling, helps with impotence, premature ejaculation and infertility. «Royal Honey» replenishes energy reserves of the body, is indispensable for building muscle mass, it strengthens the immune system, improves blood circulation and increases the efficiency of the brain. When using this product all the functions of the body come to a complete and high level of his work: improves memory and increases blood circulation, and behind virtually grow wings.

Get the full enjoyment of life: be successful in sex, careers and hobbies. With «Royal Honey» your day will be interesting and productive, and the night of passionate and long.

Price and delivery

In 1 pack 20 servings

1 portion is valid until 3 days

Cost of 1 pack

New price – 1250 uah

Delivery: “Novaya Poshta”

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Why choose Royal Honey

Make the right choice

• An instant source of energy to enhance male vitality.
• Pure honey fortified with selected mixture of rainforest herbs (Tongkat All and Ginseng)
• A unique blend of nutritious ROYAL HONEY for HIM enriched with vital biomolecules of proteins, essential aminoacids, vitamins specially the antioxidants, metabolic & digestive enzymes to ensure quick assimilation & enhance nutrient absorption.
• For a distinguished sexual activity.
• No impotence, No infertility.
• Treats improper little ejecta and short sexual intercourse.
• An instant energy source.
• Rich in proteins, aminoacids, viatamins, digestive and metabolic enzymes.
• Enhances nutrient absorption and metabolism.
• Supports the immune system.
• For better body muscular build up.
• Improves blood circulation.
• Enforces memory & brain functions.

• Enhances sexual desire
• Strengthens female health
• Increases blood flow to a vagina and a clitoris that gives them sensitivity
• Reduces symptoms of a menstrual cycle
• Improves feelings during an orgasm
• Reduces cramps and enhances sexual activity in menopausal women
• Stimulates tissues build up and raises hemoglobin
• Reduces breast sagging and raises them
• For soft skin without wrinkles and spots
• Increases energy level

Do not miss your last chance for a happy life!



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